Xenodoxia Academy: Artist Spotlight med Lolita Pelegrime

Xenodoxia Academy: Artist Spotlight with Lolita Pelegrime

Lolita – or mama Lolita as her friends call her – is a Lithuanian Artist, who for the last year has spent her time falling in Love with dolphins, and now she wants to invite all of us into the Dolphin love on september 14. – 16.

Who are you - creatively, personally and professionally?

My name is Lolita Pelegrime I am a Lithuanian woman living in Copenhagen. 10 years ago I took an education in Vilnius art academy, bachelor of ceramics and fine arts. In the past 6 years I have been living in Copenhagen and two main things that I have been doing is painting and cooking.

It is never an easy question to describe oneself, but many of my dear ones always refer to me as a giving, strong, creative, crazy and funny person and some of them call me mama Lolita and I believe that I am all of these things. All of the words that I have mentioned really describes my art and anything that I do.

What was your parents profession, while you were growing up, and how has it influenced the person you are today?

I grew up in a really chaotic family with 9 people 2 cats and a dog in a 3 room apartment.

My father was not so much around I never knew what that man was doing, he always looked cool in my eyes with tattoos, cowboy shoes, mustache and golden earrings. Later on I got to know that he was a good old criminal.

When I was growing up my mother worked in a bar and until I was 7 years old, I would be in that bar a lot – everybody knew little Lolita. 

My mother was and is a party woman (softly said), but she has brought me to many different places and party’s. As a kid I have met a lot of different, happy, sad, drunk people – but don’t get sad on my behalf! I had wonderful grandparents that brought me to nature, taught me how to catch fish, pick mushrooms in the forest and my grandmother Dolores introduced me to art.

At the age of 6 I went to my first art school. My family have made an absolutely big impact on my life and the way I view this world. I am grateful for some of the things that I have experienced as a kid and for the sad and heavy experiences that I got, I just quote Nietzsche: “what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger!

Artiklen forsætter nedenunder

Oplev udstillingen "Dolphin Love"

– Fredag d. 14. til søndag d. 16. september 2018 hos Xenodoxia

“Dolphin Love” er en intim og performativ kunstinstallation, som inviterer dig ind i en verden fuld af glæde, kærlighed og intimitet. Et sted hvor det at dele og være del af et fællesskab er missionen – ligesom delefiner i vandet.

How does it feel to be a painting on the wall?​

Oh that is a tough one. I know how it feels to stand in front of the painting, to create a painting from the beginning to the end…..but how does it feel to be a painting……maybe we can find out together by trying to answer this question at the exhibition.

Why dolphins?​

I am so fascinated by these creatures, there is always a big mystery around them, the way they communicate with us and the way we want to communicate with them.

I have seen some documentaries about dolphins, but one particular movie just hit me so strong “The girl who talked to dolphins”. After watching this movie I ran to the studio and stretched the biggest frame with canvas that I had and started the journey of my personal dolphin love. 

I have spent 3 months making the painting and so many times the dolphin theme would come to me in mysterious ways. Such as listening to the radio and the song of Connan Mockasin “Forever dolphin love “ would come out of nowhere. I saw a logo with dolphin coming out of a banana. I brought some beers to a friend and she took out a golden dolphin beer opener. 

The dolphin theme has been following me for a good year, you know how it goes when you start to see pregnant women or bold men in the city, so that is what you see everywhere for a period of time.

Artiklen forsætter nedenunder

Tag et stykke af udstillingen med hjem!

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What does art mean to you?​

Art means to me the world! Art is everywhere in so many forms. To me art is people, the behaviors that
we have, emotions and how we can make something “beautiful” through our mind and perception. There
is folk art, music, photography, movies, painting, design and I could go on forever, but what I am trying
to say is that art is everywhere and it is my world.

Is there a read thread in the work that you do?

The read thread is faces and expressions surrounded by a combination of symbols and the freedom of
imagination. My goal is for the viewer to create her or his own perception and dialogue with the painting.

What art forms do you use to express yourself?

My main art form is painting with oil on canvas. I love drawing with ink, pencils, crayons and play with
watercolor and once in a while make something from clay and let’s not forget the talking! I love to tell

What do you hope to leave the audience with at the end of your exhibition, Dolphin Love?

I hope that the beautiful team and I who are working on this exhibition, will manage to create that feeling of how it is to be a part of the painting. I have never tried that before and that’s a big personal challenge,
but nevertheless I hope that at the end of exhibition people will have experienced feelings of connection and intimacy between each other and the painting and go home with a smiling mind and lips.

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